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Up to 70% of Americans may eventually experience neck pain that disrupts their life. Like low back pain, neck pain is a common cause of missed workdays and physical disability — but Dr. Kenneth I. Light, MD, is changing that through cutting-edge medical advances. In his office in San Leandro, Dr. Light offers innovative neck pain solutions. If you’re looking for a neck pain cure rather than another quick fix, call the office nearest you or make an appointment online.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

Neck pain can happen for a variety of reasons, including:

Cervical spondylolisthesis 

Cervical spondylolisthesis occurs when one of your cervical spinal vertebrae shifts, moving to rest on the vertebrae below. Disc degeneration, where your intervertebral discs thin over the years, is the main cause of cervical spondylolisthesis. Neck trauma, tumors, and failed neck surgery could potentially cause cervical spondylolisthesis, as well.

Cervical spinal stenosis

Cervical disc degeneration can cause narrowing in the area between vertebrae (cervical spinal stenosis). That puts pressure on your vertebrae and may cause serious neck pain. Arthritis, herniated discs, bone spurs, and other changes that narrow your spinal canal can also lead to cervical spinal stenosis. 

Herniated disc

When a disc herniates in your cervical spine, it can put pressure on spinal nerves, causing pain.


Neck pain can also start with trauma, with one common example being motor vehicle accidents. Although soft tissue injuries like whiplash are the most common reason for neck pain after an auto accident, trauma can also accelerate or intensify preexisting structural damage like cervical spondylolisthesis.

Dr. Light expertly treats neck pain of all types.

When should I see a doctor for neck pain?

If you experience a traumatic injury like an auto accident, seek medical assessment and treatment immediately. For neck pain that persists for a week or longer, or for severe neck pain of any duration, reach out to Dr. Light as soon as possible. 

Just as with low back pain and other forms of pain, earlier diagnosis and treatment are always better. Dr. Light is widely known as an expert who can help with the most serious cases of neck pain — even if you’ve lived with neck pain for months or years, have already undergone surgery that didn’t work, and even if you’ve just about given up hope, Dr. Light can help.

How is neck pain treated?

Some cases of neck pain, like minor soft tissue injuries, can improve significantly with nonoperative treatments like rest, physical therapy, and temporary use of pain medication. 

If you have lingering neck pain because of serious disc or vertebrae issues, Dr. Light can perform a surgical correction using state-of-the-art techniques.

Two surgical techniques that Dr. Light commonly uses are disc replacement, in which he removes your old disc and places an artificial one, and spinal fusion, in which Dr. Light uses your hip bone shavings to reposition and restore your neck vertebrae. 

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