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Kenneth I. Light, MD

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One-third of back surgery patients end up with worse pain than before. If you’re in this situation, Dr. Kenneth I. Light, MD, understands what you’re facing, and he’s here for you. Dr. Light is well known as a specialist in helping the helpless and as the “doctor of last resort.” He can help you even if you’ve undergone failed treatments and other doctors believe you’ve exhausted all options. He has an office in San Leandro, California, so use online scheduling or call the location.

Failed Low Back Surgery Q & A

What is failed low back surgery?

Failed low back surgery means you had previous low back surgery that didn’t relieve your pain. You may also have neurological issues like radiating pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling sensations after failed low back surgery. 

What causes failed low back surgery?

There are many possible reasons for failed low back surgery, including: 

  • The surgeon treated the wrong area
  • Too little decompression (not enough space created)
  • Too much decompression (too much space created)
  • Hardware failure
  • Disc herniation recurrence
  • Post-operative infection
  • Nonunion (fusion failure)
  • Poor health habits, like smoking, that inhibit recovery

There are several other possible causes of failed low back surgery, as well. Dr. Light carefully assesses every aspect of your situation to find the problem and create an actual cure. 

When do I need revision back surgery?

If you’re still experiencing serious low back pain, with or without other symptoms, revision back surgery can be the best way to correct the underlying issues. But, when you have failed low back surgery, repeating the same surgery with the same doctor simply makes no sense. At that point, you need a specialist who has unique advanced training. 

Dr. Light has special training to perform complex surgeries, above and beyond those that most orthopedic surgeons can do. That makes him the ideal provider to correct mistakes and find cures, even where others can’t. 

How does revision surgery after failed low back surgery work?

Revision low back surgery can vary widely based on your individual needs. Dr. Light uses both traditional and new cutting-edge approaches, always opting for the method that corrects your problems permanently wherever possible. 

Dr. Light regularly performs revision spinal surgeries, in which he can:

  • Add or remove hardware
  • Install bone grafts taken from your hip
  • Remove scar tissue
  • Extract infected tissue
  • Correct spinal spacing (decompression) problems 

Additionally, Dr. Light can perform revision spinal surgery in cases where your back pain comes back long after the original surgery. That sometimes occurs because of natural age-related changes in your back. 

If you’ve had failed low back surgery, don’t lose hope. Dr. Kenneth I. Light can help with even the most seemingly hopeless cases, so call the office nearest you or book your consultation online.