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    "In fact, after this last operation, I've seen my mussel strength and finger senses improve significantly. The numbness and hand operations have improved every week."

    Douglas E.
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    "Woke up without the pain and numbness I had experienced for 30 years. Most incredible thing ever!"

    Steve B.
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    "It's been 90 days since my surgery and I feel 80-90% better than I did prior to the surgery. I recommend him highly."

    Jim D.
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    "Dr Light has been my Doctor for over 20 years and has always given me the best medical advice and treatment I could hope for."

    Daniel S.
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    "All thanks to Dr. Light. Not enough words to express our gratitude. If you want the best back surgeon period, you need to see Dr. Light."

    George P.
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    "He won't perform surgery unless he believes it is helpful and communicates your options honestly and directly."

    James D.
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    "Oh yeah,i'm 65' now,my neck,and lumbar spine are still,years of continued use later,doing just fine. Thanks,Doc."

    Ralph N.
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    "Dr. Light has been more than just a great doctor and surgeon to me and my family for over 6 years. In my opinion there is no one better and I have seen a lot."

    Mark B.
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    "The day of surgery, I was able to walk without pain again. He explained the procedure, the risk, and the benefits."

    Irma J.
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    "The areas of general discomfort pain is to my leg muscles, and other muscles of my body, called reflective pain, which has slowly gone away."

    Frank N.
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