The Court Needs Proof of My Auto Accident Injuries: Who Can Help?

The Court Needs Proof of My Auto Accident Injuries: Who Can Help?

California has a reputation for having some pretty dangerous roads. When it comes to the number of fatal motor vehicle accidents on a state-by-state basis, California holds second place, right after Texas.

But the Golden State isn’t alone: Motor vehicle accidents are a major cause of injuries nationwide. In fact, across the country, about 70 Americans are treated in emergency rooms every 15 minutes for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

As a leading orthopedic spine specialist in San Leandro, California, Dr. Kenneth I. Light has extensive experience in evaluating and treating injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, ensuring that patients get the care they need to recover and heal. 

His comprehensive examinations also provide an ongoing record of your care that’s essential for the insurance claims process. Here’s why that’s so important.

Proving your injuries

Even though the purpose of vehicle insurance is to help cover medical bills associated with your accident-related injuries, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get the insurance company to pay. Insurance companies ask for proof of your injuries before they agree to cover medical care or other accident-related costs.

The accident itself can be proven with the police records of the accident and any pictures of the accident scene. It’s advisable to take photos and record other information about the accident right after it occurs unless you need immediate emergency medical care.

But what about your injuries? The best way to prove that the accident resulted in injury is to see a doctor as soon as possible after your accident so your condition can be assessed, recorded, and addressed by a medical professional.

Auto accident medical visit

Dr. Light is skilled in evaluating auto accident injuries, including injuries that could lead to delayed symptoms. For example, concussions, whiplash, and back pain frequently take a few days or even longer to show complete symptoms. 

During your visit with Dr. Light, our team asks you to describe the accident and any symptoms you have in as much detail as possible. Different types of accidents — for instance, a rear-end collision vs. a rollover — can cause different types of medical problems. 

Early evaluation is important not only for documenting your accident claim, but also for making sure you get the care you need to avoid more serious complications. Dr. Light may order diagnostic imaging, nerve conductions studies, or other evaluations to ensure you receive comprehensive care for even subtle symptoms.

Prompt medical care is key

Even a seemingly minor car accident can have long-lasting effects on your health and wellness. Scheduling a visit right after your accident is the best way to relieve pain, avoid more serious problems, and make sure you have the documentation you need that connects your injuries to the accident in order for you to have your costs reimbursed.

To learn more about auto accident evaluations or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Light for yourself or a loved one, book online or call our office today.

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