Failed Neck Surgery Can Be Corrected Says San Francisco Spine Surgeon

Each year, about 500,000 people with spinal injuries undergo spinal fusion procedures in the United States. A significant number of these patients will experience chronic post-op pain and diminished range of movement. To address this, renowned San Francisco spine surgeon Dr. Kenneth Light has established the Institute For Spinal Motion Preservation™.

Dr. Light accepts patients from around the world for primary and revision spinal procedures with an emphasis on preserving or regaining fuller mobility and reducing chronic post-injury pain or lingering post-operative pain from a primary spinal fusion or other spinal procedure.

Dr. Light, known among many of his patients as the “Doctor Of Last Resort” for treatment of spinal injuries employs advanced technology and procedures including spinal disc replacement and “Spinal Fusion Reversal”.

For additional information visit or call 415.673.4500.

This video from ABC News shows the story of a women who was left suffering from severe pain and diminished range of movement for years after a neck injury and subsequent fusion procedure. Dr. Light performed a fusion reversal by removing the fusion hardware and placing artificial discs, which has greatly reduced her pain and restored her range of motion closer to normal levels.


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