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Dr. Kenneth Light To Appear on “The Doctors” TV Show May 31st

San Francisco – Dr. Light recently visited the set of the national T.V. show “The Doctors” to tape a story on spine surgery. Dr. Light was accompanied by his patient, a 49 year-old woman who injured her neck on the job and was in excruciating pain. Examination showed that she had herniated two discs in her cervical vertebrae.

The taped segment shows the innovative disc replacement surgery performed by Dr. Light just a few weeks prior to the show’s taping, and the patient’s remarkably rapid recovery.

Dr. Light says that spinal disc replacement can treat complicated back and neck injuries without the need to perform a spinal fusion. “The implants can maintain or normal or near normal range of motion for most patients, and most patients recover in a reduced amount of time, returning to most activities in a matter of days.” Dr. Light’s segment on “The Doctors” will be broadcast on May 31st. For more information on spinal surgery, total disc replacement and spinal fusion reversal, visit

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