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Dr. Kenneth Light provides surgical procedures to repair and restore the spine for patients from San Francisco, California, who have scoliosis.

Scoliosis Q & A

by Kenneth Light, MD

What Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. This term is used to characterize a sideways and unnatural curving of the spine. A spine affected by scoliosis may resemble the letter ā€œCā€ or ā€œS.ā€ Scoliosis typically starts to develop during the growth spurt that many children experience just prior to the onset of puberty. There are several kinds of scoliosis. Functional scoliosis is caused by an abnormality elsewhere in the body, such as when one leg is shorter than the other. Structural scoliosis is linked to other diseases, syndromes, or birth defects.

When Is Surgery Necessary to Treat Scoliosis?

Surgery is often the best way to resolve scoliosis when the abnormal curve of the spine is greater than 45 to 50 degrees. Often, when the spine is curved to this degree, the abnormal curvature will continue, and surgery is the most effective way to straighten the spine and prevent additional deformity. In addition to the deformity and pain associated with scoliosis, the condition can also compress the lungs and prevent full lung function.

How Does Surgery Correct Scoliosis?

Spinal fusion is the most common surgical procedure used to correct scoliosis. During spinal fusion, the curved and malformed vertebrae are joined together, healing into a single solid bone. Spinal fusion is typically performed with a bone graft to promote the fusion. Often, metal rods are placed along the spine to hold it in the correct position while the spine heals and the bones fuse together. Once the vertebrae are fused, the abnormal growth is stopped, and the curvature of the spine is prevented. Following surgery and recovery, patients will be able to participate in normal daily activities and sports. The fused parts of the spine will be immobile, but the rest of the spine will move as normal. Recovery and post-operative physical therapy will help to restore full mobility and flexibility to the unfused parts of the spine. Dr. Light will provide a comprehensive consultation before performing any surgery to ensure that the best treatment possible is provided to the patient.

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