Failed Neck And Back Surgery Specialist

Kenneth Light, MD

Orthopedic Spine Surgeon located in San Leandro, CA

When patients from in and around San Francisco, California, have had back or neck surgeries that did not produce the expected results, Dr. Kenneth Light can provide surgical treatments to address the failed neck and back surgery, providing relief to his patients.

Failed Neck and Back Surgery Q & A

What Is Failed Neck and Back Surgery?

Patients who have had back or neck surgery that did not produce the expected results or who are still living with chronic neck and back pain experienced a failed neck or back surgery. In many cases, the symptoms of a failed back or neck surgery are obvious in that the pain that led to the surgery is still present. It is also common for patients to experience symptoms that indicate a new condition.

What Should I Do if I Think I Had a Failed Surgery?

If you think your previous surgery failed, you can seek advice from a different orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Light offers second opinions to many patients who want expert advice on their condition and whether or not their experience of pain is normal. Patients may also have further diagnostic exams and tests to see if the original diagnosis was resolved with the initial surgery. It is possible that an initial surgery may not address the condition that was causing the pain to begin with, and it is also possible that the surgery wasn’t successful. Dr. Light performs thorough consultations with his patients and reviews their medical records, including any diagnostic imaging results and surgical notes, to determine how to best address the patient’s pain and resolve the underlying cause of the discomfort.

Will I Have to Have Another Surgery?

It is possible that another surgery will be needed to repair and restore your spine. Dr. Light will carefully review your specific situation to determine the true cause of your pain. If surgery is the best and most effective way to treat your spinal condition and relieve your pain, Dr. Light will make that recommendation. He will discuss the condition and treatment options with you in great detail, answering all of your questions.

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