Featured Press - Videos


1. The Drive to Discover: A Better Back, Knees and Hips

Learn how Dr. Light used a disc replacement surgery to help a patient relieve her long-lived neck pain

2. KRON4 NEWS: Healthcare and Insurance Costs

Learn Dr. Light's thoughts on the rising costs of healthcare insurance and how it impacts both practitioners and patients

3. Eye on America: Back Surgery

Learn how Dr. Light used revolutionary titanium implants to help relieve a patient's long-term back pain, and why he is referred to as the "Doctor of Hope" for many patients

4. KTVU: Back Pain

Watch Dr. Light perform a spinal surgery on one patient to help relieve her back pain 

5. KPIX: Jerry Sigman

Learn how Dr. Light helped relieve this patient's back pain through spinal surgery

6. KRON4: Bay Area Close-Up

Watch how the "Doctor of Last Resort" steps in once again to help a patient regain her life through spinal surgery

7. KPIX: Simmons Surgery

Learn how Dr. Light uses a new procedure to help relieve serious back pain in his patients

8. KRON4: 5:00 Focus - Simmons Surgery

Another video on how Dr. Light uses a revolutionary new procedure to help his patients

9. FOX News: Spine Doctor

The "Doctor of Last Resort" steps in once again to help fix a failed spinal operation by fusing vertebrates and using spinal implants

10. ABC News: Football Injuries

Dr. Kenneth Light talks about common football injuries, and the sports potential for serious injuries