1. San Francisco Chronical - Doctor of Last Resort for Painful Backs

"Surgeon lets spinal sufferers hold their heads high again"

2. USA Weekend - The Pain Was Gone

"When back pain is intolerable - and "incurable" - patients turn to a surgeon known as the doctor of last resort"

3. Marian Independent Journal - When Your Back's to the Wall

"If your back is killing you and you're afraid you'll never walk normally again, there are surgeons who probably can help you"

4. McCall's - The Simple Step to Boost Energy, and Look and Feel Better

"The latest research suggests effective ways to improve your posture. Fixing the problem involves a combination of exercises and simple lifestyle strategies"

5. Glamour - Women are the New Risk Group

6. San Francisco Focus - StyleLog

7. Seniors' Lifestyles - The Last Hope for Serious Spine Conditions

"A San Francisco back surgeon is giving people with serious back problems a new lease on life"

8. City Sports - Ask the Doctor: The Back Nine

"Those who play a lot of golf have probably run into some sort of back problem at one time or another—if you haven’t yet, it’s just a matter of time. Since golfers are so vulnerable to back injury, we decided to ask Dr. Kenneth Light, orthopedic surgeon, spine specialist and golf enthusiast about golfers’ back injuries. And yes, we asked him exactly nine questions we wanted answered."

9. Marin Independent Journal - Pain Meets Its Match

"Tiburon surgeon beating tough back ailments"

10. The San Francisco Examiner - Bay to Breakers Tests the Widsom of Ages

"Conditioned athletes generally have no training problems because most understand pacing, says Dr. Kenneth Light, an orthopedic surgeon and co-founder of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital’s Spine Center. But, he says, the neophyte will “go out the first day and try to run a marathon. That will get
you into trouble."

11. Cultura Sanitas - Nuevos Horinzontes

"En el IV Curso de Cirugía de Columna se reunieron prestigiosos especialistas de Colombia y el mundo. Kenneth Light fue uno de los invitados a discutir procedimientos y diagnósticos con el grupo de Columna de Reina Sofía."

12. Marin Independent Journal - Three Unsuccessful Back Surgeries had Deprived Jon Anger of His Job, His Marriage, His Income, and the House He Had Lived in Before

"Then he heard about Kenneth Light of Mill Valley, a spine surgeon at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco and medical director of San Francisco Spine Center."